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What Are Oral Appliances?

If there’s an oral appliance that you’d like more information about, contact Prestige Family Dentistry. We offer a variety of oral appliances to improve your health. We’re also happy to welcome you into our Flower Mound dental practice. Call to schedule your appointment!

Why Do I Need Dental Cleanings?

Your six-month cleaning is a preventive action to protect your teeth from serious damage. It’s also a crucial part of keeping up with good oral hygiene. Visit Prestige Family Dentistry in Flower Mound for routine exams and cleanings for adults and children.

Is It Safe To Pull My Own Tooth?

Pulling your own tooth is more trouble than it’s worth and it can cause serious complications. Tooth removals at Prestige Family Dentistry in Flower Mound, TX are pain-free, safe, & only performed when they’re the best thing for your health. Please contact us for your dental care.

Can Dental Implants Be Whitened?

If you have dental implants but your natural teeth are looking dull, it’s possible to achieve whiter teeth. Schedule a consultation with our team at Prestige Family Dentistry in Flower Mound, TX. We’ll help you learn more about whitening options with dental implants.

Can I Keep My Wisdom Teeth?

At Prestige Family Dentistry in Flower Mound, TX, we take regular X-rays to check on the development of our patients’ wisdom teeth. Removal in advance of eruption is usually easier. If you have concerns about wisdom teeth, contact our office for an appointment.

Which Teeth Whitening Option is the Best?

Prestige Family Dentistry in Flower Mound, TX offers in-office teeth-whitening and two options for take-home whitening. If you aren’t sure which type to choose, we will be happy to help you decide. Contact our team with any questions or to schedule an appointment.

What Can You Do About Damaged Teeth?

Because speaking, eating and smiling are a big part of every day life, a fully functioning smile can make life a lot easier. If you’re suffering from damaged teeth, our team at Prestige Family Dentistry can restore your smile! Call to schedule your consultation today!

What Types of Dentures Are Available?

The loss of a few teeth can have a big impact on your appearance, your self-confidence, what you can eat, how you speak, and more. Prestige Family Dentistry in Flower Mound, TX offers great tooth replacement options that restore your smile! Contact us for a consultation.
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