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Is It Safe To Pull My Own Tooth?

Cartoon of a young man recovering from oral surgery.
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In a perfect world, every adult would keep their teeth their whole lives, but there are scenarios when removing a tooth is the best thing for your health. Crowding, decay, infection, and injury are four of the main reasons for tooth removals. If a tooth needs to go, is it safe to try pulling it out yourself?

Why Is It Dangerous To Pull Out Your Own Tooth?

Most of the time, it’s very difficult and painful to pull your own tooth. Even if you manage to succeed, you can cause severe injury to your mouth. Any remaining fragments could cut your gums, tongue, and other soft tissues, while the open wound could get an infection or dry socket. Pulling a tooth also doesn’t address underlying issues like gum disease. Did an injury loosen your tooth? Don’t pull it out! An emergency dentist may be able to save it.

What About Baby Teeth?

Baby teeth are much safer to pull on your own, but you should still be careful. Always consult a dentist if you’re not sure the tooth is ready or you’re worried your child may be too young to start losing teeth. If the tooth is barely hanging on, it’s probably safe to twist it out without a dentist.

What Does a Professional Tooth Extraction Look Like?

Tooth removals at a dental office are pain-free. We inject a local anesthetic into your gums, so when we start pulling, you’ll feel pressure but not pain. We can safely remove any tooth we need to, including wisdom teeth, which are at the very back of your mouth. After the procedure, you should take at least a few days to rest and eat soft foods like mashed potatoes, lukewarm soups, yogurt, and so on. We’ll always provide detailed instructions so your recovery is as smooth as possible.

Tooth Removals at Prestige Family Dentistry in Flower Mound

Pulling your own tooth is more trouble than it’s worth and it can cause serious complications. Tooth removals at the dentist are pain-free, safe, and only performed when they’re the best thing for your health. If you have questions about extractions or want to schedule an appointment with one of our doctors, please contact us today!

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