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Does Coffee Cause or Prevent Cavities?

woman drinking coffee

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world. Many people wonder if it’s good or bad for their health. They might even wonder if coffee can prevent cavities. Let’s talk about what recent studies say.

Studies About Coffee & Cavity Prevention

A study in 2014 suggested that a specific type of coffee bean, Coffea canephora extract, could break down biofilms that create plaque. There haven’t been other studies supporting the theory. Meanwhile, several other studies support the idea that coffee can be bad for your oral health.

Coffee Can Cause Cavities

Do you take your coffee with cream, sugar, or other sweeteners? Then you are adding to your risk of getting cavities. Your caramel latte with cream has a lot of sugar, which can cause cavities. You also can’t forget that coffee is highly acidic and can break down your enamel. Frail enamel can make it easier for bacteria and plaque to create cavities.

Coffee Can Stain Teeth

Even if it could prevent cavities, coffee can still discolor your teeth. Dark-colored liquid like coffee is well-known for making teeth stain. Coffee has ingredients that seep into the tiny pores of your teeth and give it a yellow appearance. If you don’t want yellow teeth, drink coffee in moderation. You might also consider drinking coffee with a straw to avoid contact with your front teeth. Another tip is to rinse your mouth with water to limit the time the coffee stays on your teeth.

Cavity Prevention at Prestige Family Dental

Our dental team is dedicated to ensuring that you receive high-quality care. The best way to prevent cavities is to have a proper oral hygiene routine and visit our Flower Mound, TX office every six months for an exam and professional cleaning. This allows our dentists to spot problems early on to prevent bigger problems later. If your teeth are discolored from drinking coffee, ask us about our professional teeth whitening services. Please give us a call to schedule your appointment.

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