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At Prestige Family Dentistry, we are always looking for new ways to better care for our patients. Whatever your dental needs may be, we can provide you with the gentle, convenient and professional care that you deserve. One of the ways we try to obtain feedback is through online reviews.

You can read over 120 verified patient reviews on Google or you can leave us a review directly on our webpage below.

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by Shannon J. on Prestige Family Dentistry

These guys have been great! I recommend them to anyone in the area.

I go to another dentist but my wife, 3 children and lot of my money have been going to Prestige for at least 3 years.Today we ended our relationship with Prestige over some extremely abrasive behavior from their staff.According to my wife, her and my son were scheduled for an appointment that would be back to back in the morning (8-9.) my wife has to head to an important meeting directly afterwards, so they would go in separate vehicles. My son would be taxi'd by our nanny, On the way to the dentist my wife, unexpectedly, asked our Nanny to return home to pick up important documents for my wife's meeting.When my wife informed the desk receptionist at Prestige that my son would be delayed, she relayed it to a mystery "manager" behind a wall.My wife says that the mystery "manager" harshly and loudly replied that if my son couldn't be available in 2 minutes; we'd have to reschedule, with no exception.The desk receptionist returned and "sheepishly" asked if my wife could commit to the 2-minute shorter policy. When my wife explained that we couldn't meet the requirement and would be ready in 5 minutes - we were told we'd need to reschedule him.My wife left and felt very betrayed by a supposed "Family" dentist.We assumed a business that portrays itself as a "Family" oriented, would understand unexpected delays are a normal part of any working Mother's Day. Not to mention the harsh, aggressive adherence to policy.We will be moving from Prestige.

by Phillip V. on Prestige Family Dentistry

Once again the team came through and I had an uneventful process performed that was without pain. Thanks pals........

I was experiencing mouth pain late in the day and wasn't near my regular dentist. Prestige was able to fit me in and furnish me with medicine to stop the pain. I have a one week follow-up to be sure things healed properly.

Very Happy that even at this busiest time Prestige Family Dentistry managed to schedule me for an early appointment to address my need. They really care.

by Braxton L. on Prestige Family Dentistry

We are delighted with Dr Nguyen and his staff. Victor was there today. No cavities! That is our goal. We have been there for years!! Very happy!

The hygienist is great, she did a great job and very thorough

My first experience at Prestige Family Dentistry was truly exceptional at every level!

Expect the best ..quality care, professionalism and new technologies

Recommend when making appointment for crown they make the 2 appointments at the same time. Yesterday she couldn't find anything within the 2 week so now I wait and more than likely the temp will fall out. Where as when making the appointment to ready tooth for crown at that time look for the 2 weeks out from there.

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