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Signs You May Need a Dental Extraction

Masked dental professionals with surgical instruments look down on a patient ready for oral surgery.

Dental extractions are rarely our first choice for treatment, but there are situations when it’s necessary. If there’s excessive tooth decay or damage, a severe infection, or tooth crowding, extraction may be the best choice for your health. We also remove impacted teeth that aren’t erupting properly and baby teeth if they’re blocking an adult tooth. What are the signs you may need an extraction? Here are some things to watch for.

Severe Tooth Pain

Severe tooth pain is always a sign of something wrong. It could point to a tooth infection. Cavities and cracks weaken your tooth and expose it to bacteria. Once inside a tooth, bacteria can lead to infections. Symptoms include severe tooth and gum pain, increased sensitivity, and a foul taste in your mouth. Root canals are the preferred treatment, but an extraction may be necessary if an infection is too severe.

Advanced Gum Disease

Gum disease is an infection of the gums. It often begins without symptoms, but you may notice bleeding and tenderness. As the disease gets worse, your gums pull away from your teeth and cause bone loss. Without support, your teeth loosen and can eventually fall out. We may recommend extraction for loose teeth we can’t save.

Crowding & Jaw Pain

Teeth that are too close together crowd and grind. This damages the enamel and moves your smile out of alignment. You may experience jaw pain and stiffness. You’re also more vulnerable to cavities and gum disease. We may want to remove some teeth to free up space in your mouth. If teeth don’t have enough space to erupt in the first place, they can become impacted. This often happens with wisdom teeth. We’ll want to remove these, too.

Tooth Extractions in Flower Mound, TX

No one likes thinking about tooth extractions, but thanks to modern dentistry, the procedure is painless. Our experienced team always provide detailed instructions on aftercare. If you have any questions about tooth extractions or want to schedule an appointment, please contact us today!

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